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Wan Gulou doesn't need to go to the field to explore the internal situation, it can make a lot of money just by selling news of "tolls". ... business loan effects personal credit

test. write a personal loan to your business "Although the Yayoi sect has a good relationship with the Bone Tomb, they haven't openly massacred Gu masters in the domain for so many years. This time it appeared clearly, and the Bone Tomb's ninth-grade human control Gu will definitely be dispatched this time. Looks like it's going to eat us all. ….

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"Do you want to buy this passing information? If you buy it, it will come with the situation of the four inheritance places." Elder Xi said again, turning his eyes to other people, obviously observing whether there are other potential customers. .

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The extreme speed domain is naturally comprehended when the Illusory Immortal Gu is promoted to the ninth rank. Su Ran originally thought that it was simply a blessing of twenty times the speed within ten seconds. ...

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After Huang Yao finished speaking, he heard a shout coming from the sky: "Su Ran, I finally found you, you can't escape this time!"

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Going to the Ten Thousand Gu Building again and returning the record book, Su Ran also got the information about Liu Sheng by the way.

"Who hid the bucket wheel, hand it over, otherwise you will die today!" Changkong Hong said with a serious face, the family patriarch had specifically instructed that if there is a bucket wheel in the heritage site, it must not be lost!

Bucket turntable, whereabouts are unknown.

For a while, the situation in Changlin City changed.

Going down is more likely to survive than going up!

The first transaction was completed in an instant.

Only with Liuyuan's basic attack greatly increased, he can reach the point of overthrowing all fifth-rank Gu Masters!

"It's up to you. It's the first time you cooperate. If you cooperate well, you will eat meat. If you fail to cooperate, you will have to run for your life."

"However, we have to be careful. We can't last long in the corrosive mist below, and we are not the same as the human-controlling Gu, so don't be accused of the human-controlling Gu. This time, the ninth-grade controller sent by the Bone Tomb Gu, all of which are based on the body of the moon, can not be afraid of the corrosive fog for a long time. Once the battle starts, the control person Gu will destroy the fog-free area except the main inheritance area. We don't need to enter the fog area, just outside Watch out for those Gu masters who rush out of the fog zone." Ancestor Heikui reminded again.

There are not many seventh-rank Gu controllers in the battlefield, and most of them are human-controlling spores. Some Gu-controllers saw that Su Ran could capture the human-controlling Gu, so they hid far away. .

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When she was playing the qin girl, Ziyi was poisoned by many poisonous Gu in her body. save people. .

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