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【creator of sub prime auto loan gets out of business 】 Lu Xi realized that he might not be as good as Deng Chang in his verbal skills, so he stopped talking and looked at him eagerly. 。

"Why are you insane?" Deng Chang was relieved, and then forced out such a sentence.

Gu Qianqian waved the rolling pin hidden behind her back: "I'll cut it too, do you believe it?"

Lucy doesn't believe this, but it doesn't hurt to be sincere.

Weather Assistant.

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It means that I feel that Lu Xi is the person who posted Deng Chang's black posts, and Si accidentally made fun of them but even got a lot of likes.
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Lucy cursed silently.
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He used the term "take over", although he didn't say it publicly, but the meaning is obvious, Lao Wa thinks that Lucy is his successor.
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Walking side by side on the way to the new dormitory area, they didn't meet anyone along the way. Since Laowa's dance, they haven't had a chance to be alone. This is the first time.
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This Deng Chang really doesn't know, he himself has won the silver medal in the Four Continents competition in recent months, and with the help of Lucy, his worth has doubled, and this advertisement has earned more than 10,000 yuan.
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Deng Chang stopped in his tracks, and looked sideways at Lu Xi, who was lying on the chair in a daze. The boy had just woken up, his eyes were still hazy, and the light in his eyes was like stars scattered in the sky.
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The room was full, and Lu Xi was sitting in the corner, so Deng Chang naturally sat down beside him, and found out that it was an old acquaintance.
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In an instant, all the scattered pictures were connected into lines, and the raindrops of the bean size were scattered and cold.
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