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【how much can i qualify for in a small business loan 】 After hearing this, Chu Shaoyan nodded and didn't say anything. Even if Ye Tianhe didn't say anything, Chu Shaoyan could guess that, as a political leader in Harbor City, Chen Zhiyuan was so polite to the old man, so it could be seen that the old man's status was not low. . 。

Some time ago, the Sanlian Association and the "Bamboo Association" were fighting fiercely in Harbor City. These policemen knew something about it, but they didn't come forward and let the two gangs solve it by themselves.

Hearing this, Li Cheng's face turned pale for an instant, and then he received a text message notification. When he opened it, it read: "Notification from the new barracks, you have been fired."

Didn't it mean that there is no natural disaster level powerhouse in Xiaoxiang? I'm afraid this guy's strength has surpassed natural disasters, right? He is the devil, right?

Wu Yangqing nodded.

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"Huh~~" Perhaps because he was too excited to kill, Jiang Dahai couldn't help sticking out his tongue to lick the blood on his face, then looked at Chu Shaoyan and said: "Young Master Ye has been killed by me, you can Let me go?"
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All of a sudden, the speakers, televisions, and billboards in the whole city were forcibly switched to emergency broadcasts.
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The demon sneered and said, "Boy, you don't know anything about power. Vitality and strength are completely two concepts. The rules of heaven and earth have changed. My vitality has been restricted and deprived, and I need resentment to continue. But my strength... can try punching casually."
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Jiang Li was not polite, he just accepted them all.
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Changlong didn't know these things. He had never eaten human dishes, but when he ate them for the first time, his eyes lit up instantly.
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Even so, Starscream still didn't show a painful expression, on the contrary, he still looked so excited!
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At the moment when the woman shot, Chu Shaoyan exerted force on his legs, and suddenly jumped to the side! The bullet grazed Chu Shaoyan's pants and hit the wall, making a clear bullet mark, and then bounced out.
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Seeing Starscream coming in, Ye Jinlong was taken aback for a moment, and then said to Mr. Jiang on the phone: "Okay, Mr. Jiang, let's talk about this for now. It's up to you to talk about it. You just let them say that Jiang Dahai sent the news." of."
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