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An Ran continued: "?" ... small loan of 53 mill kanye

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get small busness loan - loan portfolio composition between large and small banks .Could it be that seeing that he lost his position as the young sect, he felt that he was no longer useful, so that he was thinking of killing him to silence him? |.

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Frightened, the black-robed fairy finally recognized the identity of Immortal King Nanming. .

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However, An Ran did it quietly. ...

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"So many fairy swords...where did they come from..."

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But in the blink of an eye, Wang Zhengchu noticed a slight difference.

"Brother Wang, you even stole the patriarch's order?"

Looking at the vast Immortal Qin, if it wasn't for the actions of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, then there would be only one source of pressure.

Thinking of this, An Ran shook her head, and said with a serious face: "The people of the world have been suffering for a long time! The imperial court has conspired one after another before, at the cost of the world's lives, and still wants to overthrow the Four Sacred Lands. If it weren't for my master to turn the tide, I'm afraid it has already succeeded!"

"Wait, he seems to be doing a subordinate salute. Could it be that the person in this car..."

As for the clothes on his body, none of them were spared.


"I was also happy to see Liexin, so I lost my sense of proportion for a while. If senior wants to punish, I will be willing to take the punishment!"

"Don't move, do as I say, otherwise, die!"

Both Yan Qingzhu looked at a loss. .

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Most likely at the very beginning, even if young people fell into a self-proclaimed state, they could more or less perceive various changes outside the boundary markers through reserved means. .

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