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【donald trump small loan interview video 】 Including standing shooting and kneeling shooting, which were not learned in the recruit company before, Zhao Jun taught Wang Sanpang the essentials of these shooting postures. 。

Given a choice, Wang Sanpang would rather run than take a car.

Xie Bing waved his hand towards Wang Sanpang with a chess piece.

"Yanan, you're back."

"Bright?" Liang Wanruo's expression became more and more weird. At this time, the harbor city of Baodao in January already had a hint of spring. Although the wild flowers had sprouted buds, they couldn't be compared with bright and colorful?

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In fact, Chang Lian'an was also having a headache, how to deal with Li Ruichuan's matter.
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Chief of Staff Liu Huaming told what he learned.
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Hearing Chen Zhiyuan's words, Chu Shaoyan nodded helplessly and said: "Minister Liu has already told me your decision. I came to you just to discuss with you whether the investigation cycle of the accident can be shortened. Because The building project is about to be completed, and the developer called and said that if the project cannot be completed as expected, my company will be responsible for all breaches of contract.”
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Other squad leaders punished him once, but Zhao Jun was different. His punishment was long-term and arduous, and it made the recruits fear.
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"I see, I will do it as soon as possible, and give me what I need as soon as possible, otherwise, even if you have my handle, it will be useless."
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"Excuse me, can I exchange this instant noodles for a bowl of rice? I don't like instant noodles very much."
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Guo Xun did not intend to find these people through this at the beginning. If it were so simple, this intelligence organization would not become a thorn in the side of the national security.
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Zhu Hongjun said with a smile.
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