how hard to get 3 million business loan
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【get a loan to buy a business 】 Back home, the slender girl blushed from crying, but she couldn't hold back her stubborn mother. Obviously, Liang Wanruo was faintly aware of her daughter's affection for Chu Shaoyan, and even threatened Liang Youshuang with her life not to see him again! 。

"Yes." Chu Shaoyan told the cousin's matter in a quite calm tone, and then said: "If I touch Zeng Yu, the brother of the boss of the Feihu Gang, and say something about Brother Octopus, Zeng Shengbin may immediately say something about it." Counterattack, when the time comes our 'Flood Fighting Council' will naturally disintegrate."

Jin Yufan took out a lot of change and a crumpled red note from his purse.

Walking to the door, Zhang Yuxiang turned her head and said, "Don't think that's all for it! I definitely have a share of the family property, know the consequences!"

At this time, the rumble in the sky was getting closer, Chu Shaoyan pulled Shangguan Zetian to hide in the bushes by the roadside.

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"Yes." Dugu Linfeng nodded and said, "Mr. Takeuchi Koji, Chu Shaoyan's strength is beyond our imagination. I don't think we can complete the task of killing him and kidnapping Shangguan Zetian alone."
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Then he took a deep breath again, raised the dagger and cut off the trunk in two sections about one meter long, erected two sections of wood, and split the trunk into planks with the dagger in a straight-cut posture.
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Nangong Chengfeng jumped more than one meter high as if stung by a hornet, and roared: "Chu Shaoyan, what are you talking about? I am my father's only son, and I am his only heir!"
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And these, those who don't understand inner martial arts at all will never be able to see it.
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With that said, she walked out with firm steps. Nangong Chengyu was covering her flushed pretty face and looking at her father in shock, when she saw Shangguan Zetian, she threw herself into her arms with a whimper, and sobbed.
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"It's really gone!" Goddess Huading was ashamed, pushed him away, turned around, but couldn't help laughing.
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"Secondly, what we can be sure of is: Zhao Yanni is just a pawn of the Dugu family, a pawn used to control and replace Nangong Mingdao. Once Nangong Mingdao gets in the way, she and the child in her belly can be used as pawns to control Nangong Mingdao Kick it away. Of course, the prerequisite is: the child in her womb must belong to Nangong Mingdao.
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However, as soon as he arrived at the ward, Chu Shaoyan couldn't help laughing bitterly.
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