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【small business loans with cosigner best credit approach 】 Arthur the Great nodded and said, "Very strong." 。

Jiang Li said, "What will happen if you use force?"

Jiang Li was chatting with Hei Lian in his heart, and Ivanov continued: "In short, everyone has only one goal now, which is longevity. And the things that Li Er took away back then are said to be able to make people live longer and become gods. .Do you think everyone is crazy?

Before Garcia could finish speaking, a fist hit him head-on.

Parmanuel's forehead was covered in cold sweat, and he knelt down and said, "Don't worry, the emperor, this battle, the veteran will follow him. If you lose, please come and see me!"

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Then there are Ma Feng, Lao Hua, Mao Buping, Yan Yujiang, Geng Bei and a large number of people.
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Not to mention the two of them, even Wei Na, who is the most self-cultivated, is shaking the jade hand holding the spear at this moment. She tried her best to control herself, lest she couldn't help stabbing the spear...
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Qing said disapprovingly: "So, we need the secret you have. Hand it over, and I will protect you from death."
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Jiang Li ignored him, looked up at the crow and said, "Crow, you really don't have this stuff in stock?"
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A large number of demons were driven away by Jiang Li, but more demons swarmed in, and there were more and more powerful demons. Apparently, there were demons who sent the news to a distant place. These powerful demons were dissatisfied and came together.
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"My lord, are you too cautious? We are coming to Blue Star soon. According to reliable sources, there are no powerful creatures or enemies near Blue Star. The most powerful creatures here are nothing more than chickens and dogs in front of us." .” One said.
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Crow squinted at Jiang Li, acting like I don't know you, I want to change the boss
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The person who came was Pan Yan who was about to be exiled by a group of monsters. She said that she knew Jiang Li, so she was brought here.
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