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【fixed mortgage rate 】 Chu Shaoyan explained helplessly: "Uh, there is a small gap here, because it overlaps with the colorful pattern, so I can't see it clearly. The water should have flowed down through the gap." 。

Suddenly Luo Yun got up and opened the door, and said to the outside: "Waiter, please serve another plate of venison."

"Mr. Shangguan, hello! This is..." Shelang knew that Shangguan Zetian and other aristocratic daughters were not something he could touch. He looked at Guan Nuoxue but was unfamiliar, so he reached out to shake hands.

Chu Shaoyan looked at her, held the steering wheel silently.

Speaking of which, the nervous girl took a large snow-white bath towel to hug herself, and rushed out regardless of the cold weather.

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If it is determined to be murder, although Tianfang Company and the demolition office are directly responsible, Xianyuan Real Estate, a subsidiary of Huading Group, will definitely not be able to escape the responsibility due to its involvement in affiliation issues!
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"What? Haha!" Nangong Mingdao was startled when he heard the words, and then sneered loudly, "My 20% equity has been legally registered for more than ten years and is not protected by law? Chu Shaoyan, are you crazy?"
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Among them are three members of the Standing Committee: the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the Minister of Organization of the Municipal Party Committee, and the Secretary of the Binjiang District Party Committee; together with the secretary-general of the Municipal Party Committee and two deputy mayors, the power of the Tong faction is not insignificant. What is even more impressive is that once the chief secretary Bai leaves, Jiangcheng's political arena will enter a period of adjustment, and the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee will inevitably undergo a major change and reshuffle. There may not be no chance.
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"Brother, although some boys have offered me flowers before, I haven't accepted any of them. Tomorrow is a holy day. Can the elder brother give the younger sister some face and be her first knight?"
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On the way, Chu Shaoyan tried his best to open his eyes, glanced at Goddess Huading, smiled, and then fell into a deep sleep again.
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"Zetian, if we talk about the relationship between me and Ye Jinlin, guilt is more of a factor..."
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"Police officer, what level? First level! You are a first-level police officer at such a young age? Character!"
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At this moment, the two murmured for a while, speechless.
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