how to sell your house if you still have a mortgage
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【is it better to invest or pay off mortgage 】 The Red Army, on the other hand, was a little ecstatic. Originally, this area was occupied by the Blue Army, which was a bit passive. Now that the tank battalion had withdrawn from the exercise, the Red Army took the opportunity to occupy this area again, and the whole situation was reversed. 。

Tan Zheng is worthy of being a political commissar, and he is indeed powerful when he speaks.

"Put it down a little bit and hold on."

Seeing Chu Shaoyan's slutty expression, Toyotomi Maaya tightened her heart and said, "Let's wait for the massage at night?"

The cooking class needs to help the soldiers prepare convenient food. During the exercise, the hot meals will be very far away from the soldiers of the reconnaissance company, and all they can guarantee is to fill their stomachs.

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"It seems that the First Army is not convinced by the results of the last exercise. Last time our special warfare brigade sent him a division headquarters and a regiment headquarters, which caused the First Army to fight very badly at the end of this exercise. I'm aggrieved, this time I want to get back the place from us."
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"You, you just don't have confidence. If you like it, you can take the initiative to chase after other girls. After getting along for a while, your thoughts will disappear."
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"Before, because Wang Sanpang was admitted to the hospital, this matter was delayed. Now that Wang Sanpang's injury has recovered, you can see if Wang Sanpang was transferred out of the cooking class. His shooting talent is very good and cannot be buried. Already."
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Including standing shooting and kneeling shooting, which were not learned in the recruit company before, Zhao Jun taught Wang Sanpang the essentials of these shooting postures.
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Feng Jun came out not long after he went in to report.
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It would be unacceptable for Li Wei if he didn't know anything about these questions.
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