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"It turns out that Sister Ye didn't trust me because of Sister Lingjiao!" Duan Mulan laughed, "Actually, I brought Sister Lingjiao here to prove my sincerity! Why do you ask me to help you? No, I didn't help you , I am helping brother Shaoyan so that he can choose a lover according to his sincerity." .

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flash of inspiration flashed in Zhu Luo's eyes, and he stared at the rock man. As a result, he began to read the two documents carefully. Half an hour later, she put down the document, closed her eyes, her extremely thick eyelashes trembling slightly, opened her eyes a minute later and said with a smile: "I think I was convinced by this Mr. Chu, the content of his document is very reasonable, The core thing is: here he actually quoted a lot of new information among several American economic heavyweights, may I ask: how did you get this?" ...

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The dwarf replied: "Brother Octopus is the younger brother of Zeng Shengbin, the boss of the Flying Fox Gang - Zeng Yu, we call him Brother Octopus in homonym!"

"Of course." Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly, and suddenly stretched out his fingers to pinch in the air, and a fallen leaf was instantly cut in half, with the ends being smooth and neat, like cutting with a sharp blade.

Tang Yuxin said angrily, she has heard of all kinds of compensation, but she has never heard of this, and she is here to find fault.

"This woman is amazing. Many pastoral women's rights on the Internet have sought her out as an inspirational idol for women. I didn't expect her private life to be so dirty."


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