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The doctor was also dumbfounded, and quickly grabbed Ma Bilian and sent her to the hospital.

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"Sister Yun!" Ye Jinlin raised her head abruptly and shook her head violently: "No, I don't want him to know that I don't need this special relationship to maintain our relationship!"

"You actually called me a villain!!"

"Mahu's mother, Ma Bilian, is the chairman of Apple TV. Now the TV station has not only blocked the new film, but even pulled the popular cartoons from the shelves. It is claimed that there is a problem with the content of Xuan Wu's animation works. "

"Are you talking about the marriage contract with the Dugu family? Do you mean that you want me to marry that dude Dugu Linfeng? Dad, sometimes I really wonder if I am your own. Why do you push me so hard into the fire pit? !"

Five minutes later, the silent bathing center suddenly boiled.

For a small and medium-sized enterprise such as Mycogen, such a huge profit is unimaginable. In the future, his shares in Mycogen will be 20%, and his annual net profit will be more than ten million US dollars.

"Yes!" The dwarf trembled under his gaze, "Zhang Qiyuan said that Hua Yuxuan was very conservative. Although she lived with him for a few months, they slept in separate rooms during their relationship. That woman said that it would not be until the wedding night..."


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