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【international student loan study in germany 】 Jiang Meng: "Are you going by yourself or should I drag you?" 。

Qin Mo raised his hand to help him wipe the water off his face;

But who is the Second Young Master Xie? Does he need to care what other people think?

"Brother Qin asked your aunt to prepare hangover soup, and the rice balls you ate last time. Let's go, and go to the hotel? Can I rest assured?"

In fact, he was afraid that Qin Mo would have other ideas, that he would not have confidence in the operation, and decided to ignore the past after passing this time as if it was the last time. How could Qin Mo fail to guess what he was thinking about him? bow slightly;

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Of course you can eat it.
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"The past is the past, I have never regretted it, Xiao Jing, happy birthday."
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I thought that the results would come out in the morning, but I didn't expect that the lunch at noon was delivered to Wu Run and the two of them hadn't come yet, Song Jing didn't want to think about it;
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Song Yu'an: "The honey I found in the forest before."
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"It's better, sit down."
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The entrance of this cave is not big, but it is surprisingly spacious inside, and there is even a small hole on the top for air circulation.
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At ten o'clock, Song Jing carried Qin Mo back to the room. The ward where they had been staying for a long time was completely changed now. There were many balloons and themed cartoon characters in the room, just like a small castle.
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[Is it a player? still……】
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