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【loans no credit phoenix 】 "You will know when you see this letter." 。

It seems that Yu Fei was able to use the wind wings and wind phaseless abilities of the stepping wind Gu with the help of immortal soldiers.

With a few simple words from Bei Gong Chu, the forces of all parties were stabilized.

I don't know who the death knell is tolling for today!

He frowned slightly: "Where's Beigonghen?"

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Yue Nuer was no longer amused by Su Ran's fart, and the previous grievances were completely gone.
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But it's good if he didn't die, this Yiyang slave was good-looking, so it's a pity that he died.
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Black Mountain Patriarch, Bei Gonghen: ...
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Rank two Gu Immortals can't occupy even half of the position in the hall.
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"Are you trying to consume?"
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And spread it to the surrounding Hou Ling at extreme speed.
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The eldest son took the initiative to find Su Ran: "Su Gongfeng, can we talk?"
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"Huh? Another one?" Qiu Ying's expression changed.
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