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【need small loan for house 】 This time, he sent away the true spirits of many Heavenly Monarchs. 。

Immortal King Qinghe: "?"

There were even rumors that the person who revealed this secret...was also their Senior Brother An Ran!

In a trance, he seemed to have crossed time and space, and returned to the time when he was still on the 25th Peak, bickering with Taoist Feiling every three days, and worrying about breaking through the second level of Qi training.

Carefully glanced at An Ran, and after An Ran nodded, he raised his hand to take the sword, and said seriously: "The name of this sword has been obliterated, so it has no name, but no matter what kind of avenue it is injected into, this sword is A perfect fit!"

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While talking, Baidi couldn't continue.
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"Yes, yes, I have read that article too! I remember it was written by True Lord Lianhua Baican Yueming. True Lord Yueming said that when the two universes are completely merged, the Dao of Heaven and Earth will be completely activated, and Form an outward shock..."
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The reason why he was able to live at ease in the past was purely because Qianren City was far away from Saifang Xianzhou, and behind Qianren City were the two major forces of Zhaixing Tower and Wentian Pavilion!
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You are already picking up stars and hearing the sky, why are you still saying that you have nothing to do with Wentian Pavilion of Picking Stars Tower?
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To deal with extraordinary people, it is natural to do extraordinary things.
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In the raging flames, the avenue disintegrated, and the aura scattered.
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Even An Ran has already thought of the title of the thesis——
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In addition, there are three similar altars.
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