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"Wait, the Yayoi Gate issued an order to kill me?" Su Ran interrupted. ... what is the underwriter of a loan

test. what if i don't use all of my personal loan Su Ran predicted that under this kind of incomplete strengthening, there would not be "five-source" blood toughness and "five-source" jade arms, but probably "fifth-grade" blood toughness and "fifth-grade" jade arms. ….

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First, after a month of torment by the poisonous Gu, she couldn't take it anymore, so she agreed to be the girl playing the piano. .

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Of the remaining eight Mythical Gu pupae, three were snatched by casual cultivators and escaped early. ...

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New organs were formed, and the Illusory Immortal Gu fed them, and in a blink of an eye, the Illusory Immortal Gu was also revived with full blood.

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Su Ran's thoughts were on the fifth-grade arm toughness Gu. The only fifth-grade Gu was self-related. With the fifth-grade blood toughness Gu, maybe...the fifth-grade arm toughness Gu can be used for the time being.

Unknowingly, Su Ran entered the vipassana aerodynamic state.

Su Ran who stopped was carefully observing the surrounding environment.

Chang Kongli also finally understood the key to the Douyuan. Although the clan elders had emphasized the importance of the Douyuan, they did not break the relationship between immortals.

After arriving at Wangu City, Su Ran, Wang Xishan, and Huang Yao were questioned individually by the senior management of Wangu Building, handed in the photo ring, and explained in detail everything that happened in the inheritance ground.

Kong Lao continued: "You have just been promoted to the fifth rank, and the sixth rank Gu worms are of little use to you. I suggest you exchange a great merit for a top fifth rank Gu technique and matching Gu worms. If you have a fifth-grade Gu technique at the top of the door, then I also suggest that you must participate in the Shadow Guard battle in the Guzi battle a year later, and it will not be a big problem to get into the top 20."

The two elders quickly made a decision:

"In addition, although Lao Niu discussed with the Changkong family and the Lin family a few days ago that he will not target you, but in private, they may attack you, so you have to be careful..."

Two hours later, the Illusory Immortal Gu was successfully promoted to the seventh rank.

While staring at the piano girl, Huo Rong had already used the water purification Gu to clean the blood all over her body. .

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It seems that he is no longer in the inheritance area, but has appeared somewhere in the Central Territory. .

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