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【how to get a business bank loan 】 Elder Lingbao behind An Ran read it word by word: "This, star, strange, strange, no, can, long, stay, speed, speed, leave, go..." 。

But when An Ran looked carefully, he found nothing.

However, the masters on the side of the Three Holy Lands finally noticed the problem.

An Ran put on an idiot-looking expression.

The end will definitely be quite miserable!

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The fairy world seems to be beautiful, with countless opportunities and high avenues, but in fact, the major fairy states have long been ruled and monopolized by kings.
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"Okay, okay, don't look at it, let's go, do what you should do! The remaining guys will naturally be dealt with by someone."
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"It seems that you don't understand my swordsmanship."
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"Who do you send it to?"
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According to his understanding of An Ran, if his identity is really seen through, it is impossible to have only this reaction!
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However, the saber on An Ran's waist did not fly up.
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Afterwards, the woman closed her eyes, turned her heart, and shouted loudly:
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It seems that when dealing with the first immortal, Tianjie only had the power of the fairyland, but after invading their bodies, Tianjie was promoted to the level of the fairy king!
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