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Old Demon asked for a share of his Jiuyue Jiyu domain power, and warned him not to reveal this domain power in front of outsiders again, if he revealed the Jiuyue Jiyu domain power, he would kill people to silence him. ... contemporaneous mortgage what is

test. how much can i get on a secured loan If it is said that a person rises in just a few months, unless there is a big force to personally train him, or he is already very strong, but his cultivation is hidden. ….

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"Don't you know?" Daokun Shengxian frowned, "If the prince doesn't know, then outsiders don't know that Lei Gonghou is better than Zhu Lei Gu, and thousands of demons know... .

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Domain Gu can be synthesized between Strange Gu and Strange Gu, but Strange Gu and ordinary Immortal Gu cannot. ...

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According to his father's instructions, the emperor continued to let Su Ran go. "The Seventh Prince replied slowly.

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Bei Gonghen had already thought about it.

In the Imperial City, of course there are Demon Envoys and Saint Immortals comparable to each other, but those existences will not participate in the civil strife in the Immortal Dynasty.

Nan Shanhou's performance was good, and Ouyang Qi's whereabouts were not revealed during this time. Su Ran returned all the resources he had looted from Nan Shanhou to Nan Shanhou, except for the used Gu essence.

After arriving at the ground area, the two also separated. Whether there is a Gu essence in a ground area, and at which point the Gu essence is produced, only the priest assigned by Beigong Qingshan knows.

It was precisely because of Qu Jinghong's existence that Beigong Qingshan chose Beigonghan.

"That's good logic."

The domain power given to the old demon, the old demon will test it for the main demon, and I don't know when there will be news...

This is also Qian Shanhou's absolute trump card!

"I can tell you, the other three Marquis Mansions around Beigongling have sent Gu Immortals over, and even King Yuyi also sent Gu Immortals over."

Everyone in the whole process will know that Bei Gonghen did not dare to fight, and Bei Gonghen's face will be lost. .

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There are seven princes stationed in Sucheng. Although he beheaded Shangxian Minghao, King Yuyi has to endure it for the time being. The opportunity to destroy King Yuyi agreed by Jingmo is getting closer and closer. His movements are getting bigger and bigger, King Yu Yi will never dare to distract him at this moment. .

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