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When Chu Shaoyan sprinkled some insect repellent powder around the camp and was about to enter the tent, he vaguely saw a woman sitting on a big rock nearby. Chu Shaoyan took a closer look and felt a slight shock in his heart. Why is it her? ... bank of america find car loan pay online

test. no phone no fax teletrack online loan Fei Junda nodded and said: "Speak up for the good ones, and talk about the deficiencies! Don't be shy, today's conversation will not be recorded, and it will not affect you in any way. Speak freely!" ….

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While talking here, Song Yingjie over there was so crowded that he was wearing a vest and began to compete with five men selected by the Pathfinder Detective Agency. And this kind of run was actually expected by Song Yingjie a long time ago, so even the gloves were prepared. .

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Ten minutes later, the criminal police detachment of the Yongan District Public Security Bureau where Xianyuan Real Estate is located quickly came to the scene of the crime, quickly collected evidence from the scene, and completely sealed off the Xianyuan Real Estate Building. ...

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"Is that leader Zhao from the city still pestering you?" Chu Shaoyan asked.

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"Small mouth is tough enough! If I lock you up with those male murderers, will you collapse in three days?" The trendy girl stared coldly at Shangguan Lingjiao and said.

As he spoke, he walked forward without looking back.

Chu Shaoyan didn't even think about it, so he pointed it out, when the white blocked, the black jumped, when the white broke, the black pulled, and then when the white hit and ate, the black tiger ate back.

It turns out that Secretary Luo disliked him for not being a deterrent, so he was eager to drive him away? Ye Jinlin was stunned for a moment. The always proud woman seemed to be stunned by someone.

Due to laissez-faire in attracting investment, there are as many as dozens of underground casinos in Huxue Town, of which there are five or six large ones. The police have eradicated these casinos many times, but these things are like psoriasis that is difficult to eradicate. The police have just withdrawn and then come back again, even more prestigious.

The vehicle also rebounded at the same time, flew far away, landed on the grass where there were rocks everywhere, rolled a few times, got stuck in the rocks and had no room to move!

Ye Huabin was stunned, then nodded and said: "That's right. You are not an incompetent person, you are not an incompetent person. Shangguan Zetian was rewarded by you. However, today your luck has turned..."

When the two passed by, the man suddenly whispered: "You are an eternal legend among the special forces."

When Chu Shaoyan finished sorting out the information, it was already daylight. He walked outside the balcony, took out the phone and dialed a number: "Yingjie, how is it? Ji Zhonghao has solid evidence. The evidence was all swaggeringly placed in the safe at home, but it was eaten by the rats last night."

Shangguan Zetian said again: "Another problem is that now you are equivalent to a sojourner, so everyone often feels a little embarrassed when they go to the manor. For example, Li Rongrong, Ye Jinlin, and even Fei Yan, they live for a few days and then go home for a while. The time between you will be even shorter." .

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Xu Cen became furious after being scolded, and went crazy, even reaching out to teach Guan Nuoxue a lesson. All in all, this eldest lady was born in martial arts since she was a child, she twisted the wrist of this trash, and gave it away. .

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