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【commercial business loan intrest rates 】 Jiang Li laughed again, he never expected that a generation of great demon kings would be conquered by just a few bitter melon balls. 。


Hearing Moxigan asking himself, Jiang Li turned around and said lazily, "Change to live in another house."

Jiang Li waved his hand and said, "Don't get excited, I'm going to kill you, I've done it long ago. But then again, do you know me?"

Geng Bei shook his head helplessly and said, "This is really sleepy..."

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In fact, on the way Cheng Shu came, he was still thinking about how to explain to Jiang Li that he took the place of him again, but now it seems that there is no need. Because this guy in front of him doesn't seem to be interested in fame or meritorious service at all!
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He didn't know if he ran out of words, or just a few words, he shouted and started to repeat.
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Recently, Chu Shaoyan didn't even talk about looking for Guan Nuoxue in person, but he didn't even make a phone call. This should be able to prove a lot of things from the side.
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Ponytail, suit and uniform, the familiar back is only missing a white tail...
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The next moment, a cloud of smoke rushed towards the walking shadow demon like an earth dragon!
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At this time, there were thirty or forty bosses in the hall. They came from all corners of the country and spoke dialects from all over the world. There were very few people in the mixed society who could be as big as Ye Tianhe. The bosses of those small clubs sat on the sofa and smoked cigars, looking wretchedly at the beauties in bikinis. They spoke loudly, and their performance seemed to cast a shadow over the originally resplendent hall.
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Later, when the police searched the mountain, Jiang Dahai did not find Chu Shaoyan and others among those arrested. He thought that Chu Shaoyan was dead; It has something to do with it, and more importantly... now he is in Chu Shaoyan's hands!
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After hanging up the phone, Geng Bei stood up, waved his fist, and called, "Zhuo Lei, do you want to help?"
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