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Dean Zhang Yunxiang also knew the purpose of Chen Guoxun's visit this time, so after Chen Guoxun came, he handed over the task of being in charge of the QTS-11 individual combat system project team to Chen Guoxun. ... reputable online loans for bad credit

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Could it be that after they are successfully selected, they are not special forces? ...

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If Zhao Shiyou chooses to escape, Wang Changlin will feel angry.

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It has to be said that Wang Sanpang has the talent to be an actor. After these words were spoken, the expressions of the soldiers standing guard were a little embarrassing.

"Okay, okay, you kid, go out, I get angry when I look at you, and you still fight, what kind of place are you in a military academy?"

"Sir, could you please wait for a while?" The waiter smiled sweetly and said, "There will be vacancy in a few minutes."

"Xiao Wang, you alone can make a lot of trouble for us. Don't the cooking teams of your reconnaissance companies all look the same?"

"It's not sure yet. After leaving the tank battalion, our people found out that he went to the Blue Army. It's hard to find out where he is now."

However, at the end of the corridor, Tang Hu, the branch master, held a white handkerchief in his hand, and gently wiped the shiny Tang knife.

There are only two jeeps like this inside, and even the leaders inside are used by whoever has something to do, and no one is embarrassed to take too long. After all, other people need cars if they have something to do.

As if he could suppress his tension.

Of course Guo Hu knew how the group of special warfare brigades got here. .

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Then they got into Shi Guanghui's car. .

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