what bank can i use for a secured loan with a credit score of 550
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【deephaven mortgage wholesale 】 Gong Jiuhuang was shocked: "This is the inheritance of Immortal Gu, but it is a great opportunity!" 。


This is the gathering of more than one hundred poisonous Gu masters above grade 7, plus all the resources of the Yayoi Sect.

"Can I eat fruit contaminated by black traces?"

Of course, the protective shield is not harmless. Every punch of the two of them is consuming the domain power in Su Ran's crescent imprint. If the domain power in the crescent imprint is exhausted, the Jiuyue ban will be broken naturally.

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Then he took out Qishengqin and held a little blood in his hand.
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"That's right, it is recorded in history that the integrity of the Central Territory is extremely important. The Central Territory is broken, Gu Immortals come, and the sin clan is destroyed. It is said that after the Central Territory is broken, the immortal-level forces outside will sense it, and then send Gu Immortals come over to stabilize the situation in the Central Territory, and hold Zhang Kong family and Lin family accountable to the sinful families who are descendants of Gu Immortals."
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The Immortal Flame circulated on the left shoulder, and the severe pain in the whole body was quickly dissipating. In just a moment, the pain from the wound was limited to the left shoulder.
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Su Ran stood up abruptly.
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The black traces were transformed by the red black men killed by the lava man, while the corrosive mist floating from the cracks has disappeared.
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Su Ran destroyed the cave of Hei Kui Patriarch, Hei Kui Patriarch would never let Su Ran go.
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First knock down Huang Mu's head with one palm, then wrap the right palm with the power of true poison, disintegrate Huang Mu in a few strokes, and accurately find one of Huang Mu's natal Gu.
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Su Ran glanced at the Illusion Immortal Gu, and the Illusion Immortal Gu nodded.
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