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Seeing this, Ling Heng had no choice but to give up, and immediately asked an innocuous question: "How long have you been in business?" ... free speech heightened scrutiny compelling interest

test. banks offering interest free loans to federal employees They never expected that Ling Heng would only go out for ten minutes. ….

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Crazy Wolf looked at the two S-level masters he had sent out, and they came just now after receiving the signal sent back from them. .

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But when he heard what Shi Lei said, his expression changed in an instant. ...

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When the thin man heard being praised by his boss, a glint of complacency flashed in his eyes. Indeed, as his boss said, his speed was in the same level and there were few opponents.

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Ling Heng is a four-star general, the commander in chief of protecting the country!

But this time, it was his relatives who moved the other party!

In the evening, the wind is strong.

Zuoqiu nodded secretly, and immediately understood.

But Ling Heng knew it well, there was obviously a behind-the-scenes pusher helping to stir up the trouble.

The loan is close to 100 billion, which is 500 million, which is not a small amount.

After all, all warmasters, as well as their personal guards, must understand.

"Warmaster, just received the news that Chen Kunnan offered a reward of 100 million." .

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