where did the small loan of million dollars joke come from
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【woman small business loan or grant 】 Chi Tang felt it for a while, and said: "Is it the cow totem? But our god is Emperor You, and so are our ancestors. The protection we get is no longer given by the cow totem, nor the oriole, or Fenglin." 。

Yu Zai began to ask.

"That's right, at the junction of the Great Western Wilderness and the Central Plains, Yangshui flows here. Walking all the way to the north, you can come to the middle and upper reaches of the Luo River. If you walk northwest along the Luo River, you can come to Jiechi."

But after Yan Zai finished telling the story, Xiang didn't speak for a long time, until Yan Zai stood up, Xiang raised his head and asked:

"It's the voice of the sun!"

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