what does your credit have to be to get a loan
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【how to get a equipment loan 】 Gu returned to Sifang Zeyuan with his seriously injured Yuyi. 。

The seven largest lords are eligible to compete for the position of the three co-lords of Liyang.

The silver fruit gives the Priestess the feeling that it can help his domain power lead to perfection. The silver fruit itself does not have a perfect atmosphere, but the golden fruit is actually perfect.

Earth-type domain Gu covers a wide range, overlapping with many other domain-type Gu, so it is an easy-to-find domain Gu.

"Who is this who broke through the semi-transcendence?"

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The juicy yang cannot be eliminated, as long as there is a continuous birth of the juicy moon body, there will be room for the juicy yang to live.
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For this reason, he made a special trip to the ancestral court of the Immortal Dynasty to learn from the semi-transcendents.
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The following scenes passed by, the Illusory Immortal Gu was constantly downgraded and transformed into a chrysalis, and was constantly changing new masters. Many years later, Su Ran appeared in the evolution screen of the Tianji Calculation Gu, becoming the last master of the Illusory Immortal Gu.
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The scoring of technical points is very rigid. The total points of all technical actions performed by the contestants are added together with the addition and subtraction points caused by the degree of completion and technical flaws. The artistic points are more subjective and are sometimes used to increase points or Score tool.
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Yu Jiu can understand Su Ran's desire to go down to the Mountain of Immortality, but he doesn't understand Su Ran's request for Gu.
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He also knew that Su Hou escorted him to Bulao Mountain, and he had to bear a great risk. Once Yu Yi was angered, and Yu Yi personally attacked Su Hou, Su Hou would have no way out.
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Yu Jiu was slightly startled: "Really?"
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"What a spirit Gu family, it's really extraordinary to be a slave of my Yuangu family. Even if I encounter this trick for the second time, I still feel terrified."
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