are interest-free loans legal
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【short term interest free mortgage 】 That's really not it. 。

Secondly, he was just curious and wanted to see how others commented on Deng Chang. Don't ask why, there is no reason.

The result was beyond his expectation, after walking a few steps, Deng Chang took the initiative to speak again.

But seeing Deng Chang holding the little cake and looking at him, the flowers and plants in the garden swaying in the night wind, Lu Xi couldn't lose his temper again, and felt an inexplicable soreness in his heart.

Deng Chang was wearing earphones and was obviously distracted by the music, so when he walked to the door of the first body and saw Lu Xi, he was taken aback for a moment: "What are you doing? Waiting for the express delivery?"

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- Deng Chang didn't participate in the Galaxy Cup, right?
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Then Lu Xi asked intimately, "Do you want to take a group photo?"
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After the World Youth Championship, there were only photos of them standing, with Lu Xi in the corner and the silver medalist in the middle, and the posts were mostly yin and yang, with Lu Xi's technical shortcomings.
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Deng Chang said: "Very cute."
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Deng Chang has always been alone, and he is particularly eye-catching in today's team where everyone is coming and going. He has never stopped, practicing footwork and spinning.
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"Brother, I'm leaving first." Zhu Sibai picked up the plate and said goodbye to Lucy.
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After completing several sets of movements, Deng Chang slid back to Lu Xi's side.
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In more detail, it is the topics surrounding Lucy.
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