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【low interest no collatoral personal loan 】 Chu Shaoyan smiled slightly, picked up the harpoon and walked towards the sea: "It happens to be bought and sold now, I'm going to catch a grouper for lunch!" 。

It seems that the only thing to rely on right now is the buoyancy of the water, but there is a drop of five meters from the flat ground to the sea level, and it is almost impossible to transport the iron canister up; however, if you want to fix it on the shore Nearby, but it is not impossible.

Yan Shuya has been praised since she was a child, and she knows that she is beautiful, but after this time travel, the girl has changed eighteen times, becoming more charming and charming. But compared with Shangguan Zetian, she suddenly felt like an ugly duckling.

Just as he took ten steps, there was a booming sound behind him. Chu Shaoyan turned his head to look, but saw a few huge boulders falling from the sky and landed near the entrance of the cave, blocking the entrance of the cave!

But he can be sure of one thing, if he really said that, I am afraid that his life in the Sanlianhui will not be easy in the future. Perhaps Ye Tianhe would abandon him immediately, or even send someone to deal with him. This is not impossible, because Ye Tianhe is a hero, a gangster...

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"I thought it was." Toyotomi Maaya mumbled with her head down, and then she snickered again, "Mr. Chu, that girl just now was like a deer, isn't she your elf? You will leave the rest of tonight her?"
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"Okay!" The girl smiled.
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Usually, the scammers who are caught by casinos rarely get out alive. This is two different concepts from cheating outside and chopping fingers. Although the Huangfeng Casino is not as famous as the casino in the Sanlian Club, it is also a well-known casino in the southern part of the island. Some rich people who are not qualified to be the Sanlian Club naturally become regular customers here.
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"As long as the funds are sufficient, Huading will become the largest automobile manufacturer in Jiangdong within five years!" Xu Sanhu said with confidence.
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Han Xiang is the secretary personally selected by Shangguan Zetian for Chu Shaoyan. She is beautiful, charming, dignified, generous and capable. Wearing an OL suit and a pair of rimless glasses on a beautiful face, it is true that she is the best among OL girls, and soon she and Zhu Qixia were called Huading Shuangjiao by the good-for-nothing.
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The girl shrank her neck, her body seemed to be a little stiff, and she whispered in a slightly hoarse voice: "What are you doing? My neck is so itchy."
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Tang Wanruo put his head on Snow White's arm weakly, stared at him bitterly and said in a low voice, "I won't give You Shuang to you, you are a devil tormenting women!"
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But the other one locked on to the helicopter and was still chasing after it; everyone's hearts tightened again. Emily even pinched her own thigh unconsciously.
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