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At the moment of the space in the abdomen, Su Ran became tense, not moving his eyes from the Immortal Gu. ... what happens to credit cards when you die

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The Illusory Immortal Gu snorted, and led Su Ran to the Blood-Reverse Phoenix Gu, Su Ran raised his hand, and grabbed the Blood-Reverse Phoenix Gu again. .

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In the realm of the realm, all Gu techniques have no effect. ...

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That battle should be a battle that took place in history. The resurrected corpse, with a huge body and a hideous and strange face, is likely to be Jiyue with the strength of the ninth rank.

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"I want toot, in my next life?"

Even if he uses it, he may be injured, but he can also kill Su Ran!

Chang Kongli's eyes were red, Su Ran's act of killing the Quartet made him furious, but Yang Bingshi could not be taken away by Lin Henyou, he could not be distracted from dealing with Su Ran, "Wang Xishan, Huang Yao, don't delay any longer, Hurry up and kill Lin Henyou, otherwise, I will not accompany you!"

There are eight people left in Changkong's family.

In sight, Mr. Xi was talking carefully with the black-haired man with sword eyebrows and cold face.

If you want to go to Duantianyuan to seek opportunities, you have to leave the city, and when you leave the city, you have to consider Patriarch Heikui and the Yayoi Gate, and you have to deal with Patriarch Heikui first.

After the defense was greatly increased, Su Ran discovered unexpectedly that his corrosion resistance had increased a lot, and he was not as uncomfortable in the corrosion fog area as before. .

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