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【what is a good rate on a mortgage 】 "It's okay... but I..." Wang Qinshu's breathing was a little short. In Beiyuan City, she could be regarded as a noble lady, but in Wangu City, she was nothing. She became a Gu, but every member of the Wang clan dream. 。

The two eighth-rank Gu Masters led the way, touched hundreds of people, and broke through the defense line of the barbarian army at will. After a little struggle, the barbarians took the initiative to get out of the way.

The Changkong family, the Lin family, the whole family is out!

Su Ran said again firmly: "Everyone, the matter of the Gu beast is not in a hurry, why don't you take a look at my photo ring first."

"You're so cool, let me help you find it."

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The blood phoenix's aura was overwhelming, completely at the ninth rank, but it shocked Su Ran a lot.
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Gu gambling battles are usually fought between third-rank Gu masters and fourth-rank Gu masters, and usually a single Gu insect is used for gambling.
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"It won't work."
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Shuttle, is a rapid flight ability.
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"How to say?" Su Ran's eyes lit up.
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Gu gambling battle is a way to get quick money. The banker comes from both parties participating in the war. It is a kind of gambling battle. One side first puts down the battle card, writes the Gu insect that he is betting on, and clearly understands his rank.
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