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Deceitful Moon and Gu Master are obviously enemies. ... how to get an old student loan forgiven

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Su Ran spread her hands, with an innocent look on her face, "Uncle Bai got it wrong, I didn't say that, it was Jiang Zi who said he was going to marry seven wives." ...

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Can drive a large number of humans to serve it..."

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"It's just little brother, are you planning to go to the Red Valley Plain? It's not safe there, you can't just prepare arrows, at least you have to be equipped with a fine iron sword, and various anti-virus and insect repellants..."

It was Liu Changwu who blew up the Gu worm in his body.

"Naive." Bai Meier said contemptuously.

The reason for not handing in the Gu worms was simple, the reward for three gold leaves was too little.

With a "bang", the market order fell to the ground, vomited bitter water all over the place, he had used a strong defense against Gu insects to protect his body when he shot, but he didn't suffer much injury.

"Okay, okay, Yueyue is..."

Su Ran's eyes lit up, and he said immediately: "I need a roe deer skin Gu, then I will take care of Brother Qian's business and drive a few roe deer skin toads."

If she was strong enough, Su Ran wouldn't say a word to the people in the arena at all, she just shook her face and went back to the room, or taught the people in the arena a lesson.

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With the ability of berserk, he is destined to be a big blood-short family in the future, so he must prepare some blood-replenishing things. .

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