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"Once I fall from the realm of the immortal, I'm afraid I won't be able to dig out the five-color gold. In the end, I can only die tragically in the mining area..." ... bmo harris pay auto loan online

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"If the supernatural attainments shown by the opponent can touch my sword intent, then if I activate it at this moment, the sword intent will become the artistic conception of the corresponding form!" ...

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"I understand the truth, but I really feel like I've seen it somewhere!"

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It's just that apart from being horrified, Nanming Immortal King No. 2 was also somewhat moved: [I was betrayed by someone I trusted, and I was almost perishing forever. Trust, how far away is that? Strictly speaking, this seat once wanted to win over him, but this son was able to ignore the past, open-minded, and reveal his secret to this seat! 】

It's just that it has only been a hundred years since the founding of Xianqin, and the people's livelihood has not been fully restored, so many times, the imperial court will not choose to go to war.

Mana was injected into the identity token, but the same went nowhere, and it was impossible to exit the Wangxiantai space.

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"Brother Wang, you even stole the patriarch's order?"

The only thing that needs to be determined now is how close the relationship between the immortal behind Wang Zhengchu is.

"Where are we going?"

If it were an ordinary alchemy cultivator, even if he was talented, this process would take at least several decades.

"Wait, what did you say you were doing?"

A naked snow-white carcass suddenly smashed into the pool! .

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Immediately, a huge mental wave came into Ye Yuan's mind. .

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