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【open credit card interest free 】 Xi Zhu laughed: "I understand, that treasure really belongs to your chance, when Yuan Mie passed by that planet, the treasure should have found that you fit with it, and then sucked your consciousness away. 。

"Su Hou..." The Seventh Prince's expression paused, and then he looked at Yu Chen again: "Grandfather, that secret..."

The red coffin was made by Xi Zhu. Su Ran was quite surprised that the other party could use the red coffin to condense phantom bodies.

A red coffin appeared in his sight.

Immortal Gu's intelligence is not bad.

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The Seventh Prince breathed a sigh of relief, and said slowly: "Actually, it's not a secret technique, it's a piece of domain power. Father has been stuck in a rank nine Gu Immortal for many years, and he can break through to a semi-transcendence, all because of obtaining a piece of domain power. Based on the perception of that domain power, Father successfully broke through."
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With the roar of the main devil, the last crescent moon imprint finally stabilized.
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First use the power of the golden domain to capture the spring of the mountain of immortality, and then use the massive power of Jiuyue Qianchang to slowly cover the spring Gu of immortality.
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The last Heavenly Secret Counting Gu was taken out by Gu.
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"How can you be so strong!" Xi Zhu's expression tensed.
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After finishing speaking, Gu grabbed Yuyi, which was on the verge of breaking, and flew towards Sifang Zeyuan again.
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The road of semi-transcendence is a dead end, and a lot of sacrifice power that has been painstakingly collected will not be wasted.
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At that time, Deng Chang could jump for three weeks behind him, but he couldn't, but he still dared to say that Deng Chang was "weaker than him". When he got back, he secretly ran to the ice rink to dance wildly by himself. On the field, Huang Bin was so angry that he carried him off the ice.
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