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"Maybe I choose to take the initiative to reincarnate into the Immortal Universe. Although it is indeed reckless, it is not necessarily a wrong decision..." ... pay my stonegate mortgage loan online

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After a moment of silence, seeing that An Ran didn't intend to make a joke, Yaoyao Qi nodded again, with a flash of reminiscence in his eyes: "Yao Dao Universe Ji, it is completely different from your Immortal Dao Universe..." ...

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Whose family letter, whose home is in the ancient restricted zone?

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"Wu Zai! The future is long!"

But his primordial spirit was torn apart, pieces turned into fly ash, like a piece of exquisite porcelain exploded, and the debris flew to all sides of the world.

They took the initiative to reincarnate into the Immortal Universe, on the one hand, to stabilize An Ran, and on the other hand, to verify for themselves whether the miracle An Ran said... really existed?

Even if calculated according to the lowest consumption, in terms of nine stones, a tribe of one thousand people would need 500 to 900 stones of food a month to maintain the normal survival of one thousand people without even distribution!

"A developed civilization of this level should not even have this kind of monitoring technology? That is to say, even if there is no 'black household' registered on the register, they have their own means to judge people like me. People are pure, kind, and harmless to humans and animals, so they won't stop me from entering the city..."

Although there are many lines in An Ran's words that people don't quite understand, everyone still understands the key parts.

Gouzi was confused by the smashing, the egg that fell first was already broken, and the egg yolk and egg white were poured on his head, and the stench was all over his body, but the lamb came back to his senses at this time, and finally adjusted his IQ When it reached the normal level, it saw the dog being smashed like this, and immediately stomped the ground happily with its hoof.

"Yes, Guzi is indeed an auspicious beast!"

Yan Zai stretched out his hand: "Let's brainstorm, and now we are asking for everyone's opinions. I have said some things and we can't make decisions without authorization. We don't know whether the Boya family is strong or weak. Even if they are not hostile to us, they agree to sell us. We are good breeds, so what can we exchange for them?”

"It looks pretty good, thanks to the great witch." .

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After carefully identifying it for a long time, he was finally convinced that the scale was definitely Hongzu's scale. .

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