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In fact, what if you go back? ... how to transfer money from one credit card to another

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Heilian was also fast. After settling down the poor child, he chased Jiang away. He could fly, become invisible, and pass through walls. He quickly caught up with Jiang Li who was deliberately slowing down and waiting for him. .

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"Okay!" The crow casually threw away the cigarette butt in his mouth and took Jiang Li soaring into the sky, heading straight to the top of the Himalayas. ...

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Jiang Li didn't know that Hei Lian was talking nonsense about him. At this moment, he had already sat in front of the old man, picked up the jug and poured a glass of wine, and handed it to the poisonous spirit who was still biting his hand. , chuckled and said, "Do you drink?"

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Live a day with a little resentment...

Feng Gong refused to give up and continued to draw his gun

The shield character exudes infinite golden light, shining like a small sun, blocking in front of the dragon gun.

There was a lot of outrage on the Internet.

Jiang Li took it for granted: "Are you all deaf? Why are you shouting so loudly? Don't you understand what I said? You all go back to work as miners with me. I start working today, no salary, no social insurance and housing fund, but I can guarantee You won't starve to death."

Jiang Li scratched his head and said, "Then what do you think? Do you want me to say hello to Emperor Chu Mu for you?"

Jiang Li said lazily: "Don't talk nonsense, just speak directly."

I saw a very handsome young man in red pants shouting in horror, "Don't come here, don't come here!"

While the two were talking, Jiang Li had already walked over generously, gently patted a security guard away, and walked onto the red carpet with his head held high under the suspicious gaze of the other party. While walking, he waved and smiled at the reporters. The whole process is calm and easy

The crow directly took out a bag containing a hundred spirit stones, threw them on the table like candy and said, "Eat, eat big pieces, is one hundred yuan enough?" .

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Others don't know Jiang Li, but he does! What Jiang Li did to him back then was absolutely unforgettable, even if Jiang Li was turned into ashes, he would still know it. The point is, Jiang Li is still wearing his clothes. .

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