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In addition, he also felt an unusually heavy aura coming from the direction of the eleventh peak of Jianzong, which was fleeting, as if some kind of giant had awakened. ... what is a good interest rate on home loan

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Then, she heard Taoist Fei Ling sigh again. .

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Some flowers, plants and trees came into contact with the light and rain, and immediately rose against the wind, turning into various strange spiritual plants.

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"Thousands of years, these guys have never been able to sit still! But today's great changes, the spiritual energy has increased dramatically, and they really caused trouble again!"

Even the system panel has been castrated, leaving only a barely visible prompt box. Other than that, all effects are passive, without any gift rewards, and without any active skills.

The main peak trembled, and there was a beautiful fairy light boiling, intertwined with gorgeous sharpness!

Just like at this moment, even though Taoist Lingbao had died and disappeared, Jianzong was quiet and there was no reaction at all!

"There seems to be something wrong with these statues."

"Don't do anything, I'm saving your lives! That lord has a lot of people, and he won't really care about you. Only by me being the villain who makes the move will you have a chance to survive!"

It is no exaggeration to say that if the sword glow just dropped a few inches, it would not be as simple as losing some hair.

In the end, they didn't find a single Feixian Terrace!

"I didn't expect those two idiots to be alive, and they even came to the Taixuan Sword Sect!" He stared at the huge fairy soldier, his eyes flickering, "Maybe this magic weapon of mine can be improved a little bit. Fan..."

"Hiss... Immortals have descended to the realm! Could it be that the Immortal King has descended to the realm?" .

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"Friend Li Hong, I'm sorry." .

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