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what do you need to apply for a small personal loan? - small loan of a million likes .Su Ran's expression froze, and he killed King Yuyi to avenge the flower demon, but the task given to him by the realm demon... |.

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Wu Gongfeng said viciously: "There is a difference between the superior and inferior Gu of the secret method of combining Gu. If it wasn't for capturing you alive, I would have killed you a long time ago. It's a pity, old lady!" ...

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Niu Ran panted heavily, with a serious expression on his face: "Old Huang, Su Ran is a bit different."

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With his strength, he can be proficient in all eighteen weapons.

The mist passed by, the flowers and plants withered, and the living things disappeared.

The mind has been made up, if there is, it will be fine.

Wang Gouyan's evaluation of Su Ran made many ninth-rank Gu masters around him dumbfounded.

"Alas, there are only five forces here. The only ones I want to deal with are the Changkong family and the Lin family. This Fubo mansion is not on the right track." Su Ran looked at the table full of Fang Tianbags and sighed.

And then somehow became a ninth-rank Gu master...

Very puzzled.

Su Ran slowly approached the three princes.

Healing Gu!

Patriarch Mo didn't answer, but Bei Gonghen was startled awake: "Patriarch Heishan, let's go to where Big Brother is, everyone, set off immediately!" .

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At that time, I will decide where to go to the slurry area according to the situation. .

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