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So Xiao Yanxu sneaked away, but was caught by a man on the road. Xiao Yanxu was very scared, for fear that the man would tell his teacher Yun Zhongzi, but the bearded uncle said that he would not tell his teacher.. .. ... how can i call to learn about my student loan owned by the goverment

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But Chonghua rejected the proposal. .

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Jinyun Taotie: "Ah... this! Master Yun Zhongzi, who is this friend of yours?" ...

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The speed of the construction team suddenly accelerated with a strange increase. Everyone's eyes widened and they held their breath in their chests. Their movements were uniform, and at the same time, the range was huge. They used the strength of the whole body to quickly drive the blades to hit the water. , Overtook Luoshen's team in an instant!

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"I see you are afraid of me."

Cuckoo agreed to Thunder God, and Thunder God gave Cuckoo and Jiaojiao two feathers, which are said to be the feathers of Gale who was killed by Dayi a long time ago.

"In the wilderness of the Southwest there was a man, one foot long, nine feet in circumference, who practiced turtles and snakes, wore a vermilion bird, held a green dragon in his right hand, and a white tiger in his left hand. Plants, trees, and bitterness are called sages, one is a philosopher, one is a sage, and one is omnipotent."

The Shang tribe is also difficult to make a decision because of this matter, but this kind of thing happens every day, and it will be nothing in the future. However, when they saw the weighing apparatus carried by the merchants today, the people of the Shang tribe felt that this thing might be able to Solve the problem....

Nu Mi was a little embarrassed for a moment, then put the pottery bowl away, and was about to leave, and asked Yun Zai what he wanted to compete with, Yan Zai thought about it, and said to her: "Tug of war..."

"There's a big thing going on here right now."

Practice level one!

But Yu Zai said to Tai Tai: "The teacher is right. It is true that it cannot be used with the diversion method. Wen Ming, you feel strange because you haven't figured out what the real diversion method is."

Chonghua covered the lower half of his face with a sackcloth, which was actually the case for everyone. He kept sighing, and said to Yu Zai that if he could show his identity, he would have to smile crookedly, and then order a hundred thousand merchants to come and slap him in the face...

So Cuckoo immediately drove Dijiang to the sea! .

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Tai Tai taught very carefully, and seeing Tai Tai who was completely immersed in the role of a teacher, many ministers had given up hope for him, but what made some ministers feel uncomfortable was that those military ministers were completely brought into the role of the camp. . .

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