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【free rider interest group 】 The last time there was friction between Pura City in country F and Ryukyu Prefecture, Toyotomi Maaya ordered the government spokesperson to issue a statement to make Pula city in country F withdraw its troops. As a result, Pula city in country F did not retreat but advanced. As a result, Toyotomi Maaya was angered, and Toyotomi Maaya directly issued a combat order to attack. 。

Tyrion said: "Fuck you fair judge, Ed, I don't care about any throne, but you can't let the witch burn Tommen, it's not honorable, whether it's the new god or the old god, they will spurn you. "

Arya did not move, nor drew her sword.

The current him is much stronger than the green vision of the beginners in the past, and he easily controlled the emotional and out-of-control Lysa Tully, making her eyes see that he had become Jon Arryn.

Guan Nuoxue didn't have the slightest bit of fear on her face, on the contrary she said excitedly: "Chu Shaoyan, as the saying goes, if you have money, you can spend it together, and if you have a fight, it's cool! Only you are allowed to fight, and I am not allowed to come, this is not acceptable!"

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But at this time, when he suddenly heard the familiar words in front of him, Chu Shaoyan came back to his senses in astonishment. With this surprise, Chu Shaoyan couldn't help but raised his head and looked forward. Suddenly, on the edge of the seat a few meters away, a familiar figure fell into Chu Shaoyan's eyes: I saw that she was dressed in a radiant style today, her long hair was slightly coiled up and pressed under the stewardess hat, her neck was fair, and her upper body was not skeletal. She has a small waist, and her legs are slender and smooth. There is no excess fat on those legs. The proportions are perfect. Who else would it be if it wasn't Guan Nuoxue? !
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Hearing what Chu Shaoyan said, Jiang Dahai couldn't help being stunned! However, Chu Shaoyan was originally the official heir of the Sanlian Association that the president of the Sanlian Association favored in the future. He has a large number of brothers to support him. Recently, he has a high status and prestige in the Sanlian Association. Does he need the so-called elder Jiang to give him control over power?
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"Damn it! Let me tell you, how did those bastards from the Guam Gang know the time and place to pick up the goods? It turns out that there is a traitor out of our Sanlian!" Suddenly, Abao stood up and slammed his fist on the meeting. There was a muffled sound on the table, and he said with red eyes: "Mr. Chu, tell me, who is the traitor, I, Ah Bao, was the first to cut him alive!"
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Aerys Targaryen can't object publicly, otherwise you will either cut off your tongue or cut off your head, so Tywin Lannister found a trivial excuse to resign and left the Red Castle of King's Landing without hesitation. He hesitated to abandon his king.
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As soon as the others went out, Xu Dahui couldn't wait to ask: "Brother Chu, do you really have a way to find the hiding place of the Guam Gang within three days?"
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The hall was silent.
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Before Will could stand still, Ed's sword slashed vertically, aiming at Will's head and chopping it off.
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"It's okay." Chu Shaoyan forced a smile and said, "Abao, you go back to sleep first, I'll go out to do something."
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