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【how do mortgage rates work 】 The second realm of the divine Gu Dao, open the sea. 。


Above the strange sea, it was hazy, with some tiny gray dots scurrying around.

Three characters are engraved on the stone tablet.

Gold text changes.

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Chi Tong, sure enough, can find the invisible Kui Ying.
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Fortunately, Su Ran's Siyuan Moonstep is fast now.
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Su Ran didn't know if there was a Gu technique composed of Heavy Qi Gu, Bright Flame Gu, Wood Ling Gu, and Life-Sacrificing Gu in the world, but he guessed that there was a high probability that there was no Gu technique, and Wood Life Flame could not be copied into a Gu technique.
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It took Su Ran some time to digest Tantai Yue's news.
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With enough Moon Secret Stones, Gu Masters with lower qualifications can also catch up with the speed of cultivating Gu insects by Gu Masters with higher qualifications.
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The experience of the Three Immortal Garden Gu Friends Association let Su Ran know that if you can't buy Gu, you can still exchange Gu.
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