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【mortgage crm system 】 The expression practice was even more embarrassing. Face to face with the assistant coach, make various exaggerated expressions like a mirror, especially practice smile and sadness, the two facial expressions that are most likely to appear in figure skating performances. 。

After this kind of footwork, jumping directly into the action, because there is no stepping on the ice to accelerate, the effect is similar to dry pulling, and naturally it will get some bonus points.

When Lu Xi woke up again, it was raining outside, and the slanting spring rain made the magnolia flowers droop their heads, the leaves and paths were damp, and the coolness of the spring chill penetrated through the window gaps.

Deng Chang was holding a chemistry exercise book, a very large one. When he read the book with his eyes downcast, from the brown hair tips illuminated by the light, to his forehead and eyelashes, to the tip of his nose to his jaw, to the protruding hair on his slender neck, Adam's apple, the entire silhouette has clear and delicate lines, and there is an inexplicable sense of elegance and coldness.

The momentum of the moment of take-off, the speed of turning in the air, and, although staggering, the falling ice did stand still.

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Lu Xi's physical condition and technical characteristics are extremely unsuitable for pair skating. But if Bao Zhongjie reported it, the leaders who don't know figure skating will only think that "it's no problem for a single player with good results to be transferred to support a strong event."
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The first to appear was Giles, who ranked fifth after the short program.
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The first one to appear is the French player, Cadoc, whose short program is "Spring Waltz". His jacket is a fake two-piece, with a blue plaid long-sleeved shirt inside and a brown leather vest outside. There are some flowers embroidered on it.
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Thinking about it now, of course I know why, jealousy, but at that time Lu Xi didn't know either.
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When the jump landed steadily on the ice, Chen Qi on the sidelines punched hard, and there was thunderous applause, and Lu Xi also punched hard.
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Deng Chang froze for a moment and said, "Of course not."
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Having said that, Deng Chang couldn't go with him this time, because he had to fully prepare for the Grand Prix in half a month, and more importantly, the Winter Olympics that will be held in February next year.
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Lucy's well-behaved and beautiful appearance has a dazzling and frivolous spirit because of the slight smile on his face:
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