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"Yongzi, I'll drive." Chu Shaoyan patted Liu Dayong on the shoulder, then sat in the driving seat, and said after the two sat firmly, "Fasten your seat belt!" ... international student auto loan

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The lightning that struck the ginkgo tree again cut off the whole tree in half, and the flying sharp sawdust pierced into Chen Ye's back mercilessly. Hugged closer. .

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This is Leng Aotian's first time facing Su Nian directly, when he met Su Nian's terrified eyes with evil intentions, the following words suddenly stuck in his throat. ...

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Su Nian was firm in his words, at this time he must not be indiscriminate, if Mo Lingxiao knew that he had really murderous intentions just now, he would definitely be expelled from the school.

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Mo Lingxiao's face was condensed, and he stared coldly at the noisy crowd. When he saw Su Nian, a slight surprise flashed in his eyes. Su Nian's dress today seemed to be very different from before. The whole person is much handsomer and brighter.

Hearing the sound, Mo Yunfeng rushed over, seeing Mo Lingxiao's panicked face and scarlet eyes, and Su Nian's face ashen and lifeless, he suddenly understood the reason.

Seeing Liao Jinyu's frown tightened, Mo Lingyu asked cautiously.

The moment Su Nian opened his eyes, Mo Lingxiao retracted his hand, straightened his body and said softly, "Eat something before going to sleep!"

Leaning over to pick up Su Nian, Liao Jinyu closed her eyes, and the teleportation talisman in her hand emitted a dazzling light, making it too late for Mo Lingxiao to take a last look at Su Nian, before completely disappearing from the room.

Patting Peony's trembling shoulder lightly, Si Jingfei said softly, "Turn around, don't look, just wait for me by the side, I'll be fine in a while."

"No need, let's go together!"

In order not to let Mo Lingxiao misunderstand him, Su Nian was impatient for a moment, speaking out of his head, and did not notice how inappropriate his words were.

It was too late to help Su Nian clean and bandage the wounds on his body. Mo Lingxiao was already very tired from the day-to-day exhaustion and the ups and downs of his mood, but he dared not sleep no matter what, and sat beside Su Nian's bed without stopping. He wiped his body to cool down, and also sent him some spiritual power every once in a while to help him maintain his physical strength against physical discomfort.

He doesn't remember that he knew the woman in front of him? .

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"Shut up!" .

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