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"And that guy An Ran...I'm afraid even if the demon god Bo Xun is resurrected, it's impossible to do nothing to get that guy." ... how does self employed people get mortgage

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Over time, Gu Ming got used to it. .

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However, his words were like thunder, deafening and deafening, and the ancient immortals were stunned and stunned! ...

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The girl named Man Qing suddenly laughed: "However, the age gap between me and you is indeed beyond your imagination."

The Goddess blinked her eyes, her voice was charming and puzzled, and she was a little puzzled: "Mr. An is just joking, when did I say that? The Xiantian Temple does have a custom, usually only Walking alone in the world does not mean that there will always be only one descendant of the Xiantian Temple..."

And the so-called great sacrifice also started at that moment.

But just as the voice of an immortal king fell, a sudden violent roar pierced the sky.

Bai Di couldn't help but shook his head for a while: "You are not so much innately undefeated...you are more like a complete rogue...how can you be so innately invincible? Innate rogue is almost the same..."

He didn't deliberately cover up his voice, but let it spread in all directions, reaching the ears of every Xianqin citizen.

"Can you provide specific coordinates?"

However, he could only watch helplessly as he flew towards the fairyland, passing through the fairylands, big and small, watching the surrounding environment change from desolate to rich, and finally, he returned to his own territory.

The Taiming sword flew back, and An Ran raised her hand to grab it. While shaking her head slightly, she looked around vigilantly: "The other party is more cunning than expected, I'm afraid your communication has been cut off by her from the very beginning. "

"The power of the Immortal Realm is quite powerful, far superior to that of Immortal Qin, but the social model is quite backward... Is it because the immortals have a long lifespan, so that the perception of change is not obvious?" .

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"I have heard some ancient legends. All the rivers, lakes, seas, famous mountains and great rivers in the fairy world have owners, and there are unimaginable existences sleeping... The legends are actually true. These existences have revived?!" .

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