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【18 months interest free home depot 】 After leaving the Gu Yuan, Su Ran did not go back to the Longshan Gang, but the Green Gang who arrived first, not only the Green Gang, but he planned to go to all four major gangs. 。

Su Ran was slightly startled.

cold light gradually appeared in the eyes of the old man, "Yuan Batian of the Yuan bandit also got a piece of Yue Yue's flesh and blood, or did you take the initiative to give it up?"

Su Ran would like to see what kind of cultivation method and cultivation system this so-called divine Gu Dao is!

However, the Pneumatic Method requires relatively high strength of consciousness.

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"That's right, I'm a pure gu-melting sect."
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Wang Qinshu was very self-conscious, and only took some first-grade and second-grade spirit Gu, and then went to find other Gu insects.
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It's just that the City Lord's Mansion and the Eight Great Families have always disliked the Gu Institute's teaching of Gu skills. This time, the Gu Institute's public teaching of the triple seal may be tricky, but this is not what Su Ran can understand.
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The rain of blood was scattered, and the whole place was silent.
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Li Jingfei, the head of the Li family, led a group of Gu masters from the Eight Great Families to stop Su Ran.
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More than 30 third-rank Gu masters from the Eight Great Families arrived one after another stepping on their swords.
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More than twenty third-rank Gu masters were all dead.
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