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【iccu online car loan payment 】 Chu Shaoyan was about to dodge, but then the warm fragrance made his mind fluctuate slightly. Just like that, the girl had already offered a passionate kiss. This is not the first time the two kissed. The girl's skilled kissing skills made him The rock man's breath quickly became hurried. 。

After drinking, Toyotomi Maaya proposed to go to the hot spring again, Chu Shaoyan didn't wait to go, but was dragged away by several beautiful girls who were half drunk.

Chu Shaoyan gasped heavily, staring fixedly at the forest five meters ahead. The next moment he got up quickly and rushed into the woods like a gust of wind! Behind him, another round of bullets swept over, and the sound of machine guns continued!

Gao Jun nodded and said: "My in-laws, what you said may be right, Wang Qiang is waiting for an opportunity! Just with us and Zhao Dahua, the gap in strength between us and the Tong and Xiao families is still obvious!"

It turned out that the girls had agreed long ago that they should not mention certain things at any time and on any occasion, but Guan Nuoxue just slipped a word just now, so they suffered fierce revenge from the girls, especially Shangguan Zetian, who was particularly ruthless.

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The fiery kiss aroused the passion of the rock man, and he kept stroking the woman with his hands until he touched her pair of proud and plump snow peaks.
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Chu Shaoyan's face darkened again, this girl felt too good about herself, how many people would call herself the most beautiful school belle since the school was founded?
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The other party was silent for a moment, then smiled, and said in a low voice: "Boss, are you in love with Miss Zidie? Hehe, then I won't disturb your good business."
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Bai Zhenghua narrated slowly, not even aware of the burning of the cigarette in his hand. Chu Shaoyan suddenly pulled out the cigarette butt and put it out in the ashtray. Bai Zhenghua nodded to him, and said with a wry smile: "You can understand my mood at that time, right?"
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The torrent finally poured in, and Chu Shaoyan suddenly felt that his whole body seemed to be solidified in an instant, and then a huge force tore him down violently. At this time, his bones even gave out an unbearable crackle ring!
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"Teach me, uncle!" Hua Zidie smiled and took the rock man's arm, and kept looking at his face, and the corners of her mouth couldn't help splashing beautiful smile marks.
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According to the summary of the above opinions, the final task force was divided into five groups. Jiang Jianzhen, the deputy director in charge of criminal investigation, is fully responsible for the special case team. Li Hongbing, the head of the Provincial Criminal Investigation Corps, is responsible for the investigation of suspects; Inspection; criminal investigation expert Jiang Bida is in charge of the investigation of the deceased's son; criminal investigation expert Zhu Chengji is in charge of investigating witnesses; Yuan Liguo is in charge of analyzing on-site evidence and collecting evidence. As for Chu Shaoyan, he mainly cooperated with the work of the captain Li Hongbing.
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Suddenly there was a loud "crash" beside the two, and the girl turned her head in shock to see that it was a huge fish. Chu Shaoyan quickly said, "It's a dolphin, it won't hurt you!"
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