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【underwriting a business loan 】 "Captain Zhang doesn't know something. I didn't mean to target Su Ran, but the Lord of Wuzhai." Wu Youyou sighed. 。

"It's fine if you don't have one." Qian Buer breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, it's a mistake," Wu Youyou patted his thigh regretfully, "Shouldn't have transferred Su Ran to the hunting team, this Su Ran can't die..."

Su Ran was a poor man before, even if there was only some silver in his wallet, it would make him very happy.

Yun Qu'er's face twitched suddenly, and she replied casually; "I won't go to Longshan Village, my friend must have died long ago, so I don't have to run away, we will stay in Libei Gu Daoji for two more days, and then return to Beiyuan Let's go to the city."

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Without dodging, Su Ran let the human-shaped skeleton hit him with a sword. The bone sword didn't leave any trace on his body. He directly hugged the human-shaped skeleton to the ground with his backhand, and smashed directly at the skeleton.
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"The first team asked for help. Captain Zhang brought half of the team to support. Our team and the other two teams stayed behind and continued to ambush here."
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The market order made a sullen face and rushed to the restaurant where Yun Qu'er was.
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On a tall building in Longshan Village, Xiao Yong quietly looked in the direction of Honggu Plain.
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Suddenly, the Monkey King began to struggle, waving his arms wildly.
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As soon as these words came out, there was an uproar in the arena.
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Su Ran not only asked about the restaurant where Yun Qu'er was located, but also asked about the specific room.
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