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"Su Ran! Why are you here?" Huang Yao shouted with surprise on his face, "Don't you have no fourth-grade spirit Gu?" ... prime minister interest free loan scheme 2016

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"Come on, let's take a look," many Gu masters yelled loudly in the audience, opening private offers, "In the battle between the Little Fighter King and the Outland Shadow Guard, the Little Fighter King will pay one for three, and the Outland Shadow Guard will pay five for one. Bet on the secret stone, the Gu insects can be discounted, and the old and the young will not be deceived." ...

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Defeat the enemy without hurting the enemy.

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Wang Xishan and other fifteen people stood up together, unable to believe the scene in front of them.

Worked in Wangu Building for a hundred years?

As for the four Changkongli who followed him before, Su Ran didn't care.

uh, surveillance...

Just when the three of them decided to expose Su Ran's battle post.

In terms of speed, Su Ran has an absolute advantage.

"If you can get a fifth-grade spirit Gu in the near future, you can take a trip to Duan Tianyuan."

At the gate of the city, there is a four-rank moon hunter, holding a bright fire mirror, and constantly irradiating the population entering the city.

The improvement of the brain consumes five toad confinement Gu, and five copies of the first-rank mythological enlightenment medicine, four copies of the second-rank, three copies of the third-rank, two copies of the fourth-rank, and one copy of the fifth-rank.

Originally, they were the first to discover the two Wumen Lianxing, but if they divided their troops to defend the two places, they couldn't defend against the Ten Thousand Gu Tower, so they decided to explore this Wumen Lianxing first. .

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Su Ran paused slightly. .

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