coastal share secured loan
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【what are the mortgage rates today in new york 】 When entering the inheritance site, the Illusory Immortal Gu was originally at the beginning of the fifth rank, and three fifth-rank Royal Gu was needed to cultivate it to the extreme. After obtaining a large number of fourth-rank Royal Gu, Su Ran used fifteen Royal Gu sources to fuse, and then The Illusory Immortal Gu sucks flesh and blood, and the Illusory Immortal Gu reaches the fifth-rank acme. 。

With a wave of his right hand, he grabbed three healing Gu worms in his hand, and threw out six fourth-grade Gu, Su Ran said: "Two fourth-grade Gu, exchange for one third-grade healing Gu, you will not lose."

Although the casual cultivators don't know what the fighting wheel is, it is definitely a precious thing, and they are vying to grab it.

Moreover, the sound of the piano will also drive the bamboo leaves to attack, and the power is equivalent to that of the top five attacking Gu insects.

Raise Ring Fragrance Gu to the fourth grade, and then capture and integrate it.

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But Ouyang Qi's expression has always been normal, as if he is not worried about his own safety at all, nor is he afraid of the danger in the inheritance ground.
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That explains.
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He didn't worry too much about the reason for the transformation of Xu Fen's Hand, and there are three new Gu techniques, poisonous lungs, poisonous eyes, and poisonous ears.
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Ho ho! !
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The price competition started immediately.
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The four Guzi from the two families immediately entered the Light Gate and chased after Su.
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If a Gu master directly uses the Heavenly Hearing Earth Gu, there will eventually be some fluctuations in the ability related to the Gu. A highly alert Gu master is familiar with the Gu ability, and may have the feeling of being peeped due to the fluctuation of the ability.
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More importantly, increase the flight ability of the hidden wings.
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