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The mountains are very quiet, but there are also many monsters at night, such as a big snake wandering over quietly. .

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And the witch of the Mohong family knew about it a long time ago.

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Dayi laughed and said, "I think it's okay! I said before that it would take so long to drill a well, but now it seems that it is really interesting. Then the salt fields and dams you mentioned also look different from those in the north. Bar?"

Chisongzi was full of question marks, while Dayi said, "Okay, what's your name, let's call it Qiao Song!"

"Eh, it shouldn't be!"

Chi Songzi didn't want to talk about this matter, but Dayi said: "I'm not interested in what happened hundreds of years ago, you just need to talk about the girl and the Jingwei bird."

In the eyes of ancient people, the sun is the first among thousands of stars.

Immediately one of the three bags of salt was used up, and Yu Zai was very distressed, but several people realized that there might be a big problem, and they were very nervous. Yu Yu sat on the ground and cried, distraught.

Of course, it is impossible for Yan Zai to give good things to the Hong family for nothing. Since the iron rooster does not pluck a hair, then find a way to let them take out their own "benefits".

"What are you talking about? They killed more than a hundred people to build the road!"

"In vain we treat your descendants as brothers and sisters! The heavens have spirits, and the stars have spirits, and the might of the heavens will come down to kill you!" .

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"The emperor asked Xu You if he could give up the world to your teacher. Xu You said that his teacher's management is a little messy..." .

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