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【the free rider problem refers to difficulties that interest groups face in attracting members 】 After returning to the hotel, Chu Shaoyan quickly figured out the situation of the Takeuchi family, and suddenly realized that the Takeuchi family was a family that owed a lot of blood to Huaxia, and it was a sinful family that still supported the Yasukuni Ghost Club. 。

The rock man's kissing skills are very sophisticated. After all, he has been tempered for a long time. The greedy appearance of the other party makes the girl feel shy and surprised at the same time: big brother likes me too, right? It should be, we are Supreme Treasure and Fairy Zixia...

After hearing the news, Chu Shaoyan asked Xu Dahui to send 50 elites from the Sanlian Association, and Abao led the team to that place. Since the Guam Gang had beaten the Sanlian Association to no avail, just to be on the safe side , Chu Shaoyan also followed Abao and others.

Chief of Police? At such a critical moment, what did the chief of police come to me for? Also how does he know I'm here? Chu Shaoyan frowned and muttered, "Let him in."

However, in the past few days, after Chu Shaoyan learned that the matter of the Sanlian Branch Church in Dongying Ryukyu Mansion was urgent, he focused all his attention on dealing with the Guam Gang, so he forgot this idea. I once thought about whether I should visit Toyotomi Masano before leaving Ryukyu Mansion. However, when he thought of the phone call he had with Toyotomi Maaya two days ago like a stranger, he gave up this idea again.

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"Mr. Chu, shall we rush in directly?" Abao made a gesture to make everyone hide by the wall, and asked Chu Shaoyan softly.
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Chu Shaoyan quickly stopped her behavior: "Shu Shu, my pair is enough. You may have to walk a long way after returning to the mainland. How can you go barefoot?"
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Facing everyone's eyes, Chu Shaoyan didn't show any discomfort, just glanced at Ye Tianhe casually, and then walked to the only empty seat in the meeting room.
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Zidie's eyes were black and bright at this time, and she sat on the rock man's lap and raised her head: "Really? I can really go to church with you in a wedding dress? But I don't want to go with my sisters." To hold a wedding, I want to hold a special wedding with you alone, designed by myself. It doesn’t need to be grand and simple, but it’s not simple. And mom, she must look good in a wedding dress.”
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Chu Shaoyan spread his hands: "I'm sorry, this is in Huaxia, I don't think you have any right to ask for anything. How about asking your Interpol boss to talk to me?"
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After carefully studying the video materials, Jin Shangbang and others were quickly released without charge; and according to the video, it can be seen that the criminal investigation detachment of the Luwan District Public Security Bureau and the police officers from the Dapuqiao Police Station arrived at Haihua and before deploying the trap to arrest Jin Shangbang First of all, all the camera monitoring system facilities that the gangsters failed to destroy were destroyed.
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"Now, have you finished listening? Maybe I cut off that poor woman's head and kicked it as a ball? I will cut off all her organs, record them all and post them on the Internet, making you and her the laughing stock of netizens !"
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Wang Qiang was stunned, looked at his watch, and then patted his head and said: "It's two o'clock in the afternoon! Hey, I was too speculative with my brother, so the time passed in a flash!"
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