which of the following factors makes mortgage credit necessary for most home buyers?
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【15 years fixed rate mortgage 】 Wang Gouyan was uncertain: "President of the palace, Su Ran, is he really human?" 。

For Su Ran today, it doesn't matter whether he enters the Immortal War Relics or not. With the three attributes of bone, gall and triple burner, Su Ran already feels a little hopeless.

This is the reason why he collected healing Gu.

"Kan refers to water. To be honest, I should choose a water system domain force to synthesize a new moon body."

Wu Gongfeng and Lao Ji chase after each other.

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"Is there any more? Give it to me, I want it!" Yue Nuer stared at Su Ran's square bag.
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If you have any ideas, you can only hold back.
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Shuttle multiple times in a row at the moment.
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Su Ran remained vigilant.
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After thinking for a while, Su Ran's mind finally fell on the essence of Gu.
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"That's natural. My one is right in the Lin's house and can be picked up at any time."
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"Aren't you going to escape?" The Realm Demon said calmly.
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A rank two Gu Immortal possesses high domain power, he dare not even think about it.
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