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【work online as a mortgage loan processor 】 In fact, he was also feeling in his heart, without this moon body and nine moon thousand changes, he would really be in big trouble now. 。

"Moon body, if there are more moon bodies, there may be no need to keep spare domain sources in the future..."

Li Haihou was stunned, his eyes became extremely sharp, his eyes swept across Su Ran's body, and he began to frantically scan the surrounding environment.

The source of the emperor dissipated and turned into three Gu again.

"King Yuyi?" Qu Jinghong was thoughtful, he faintly sensed that Moxin Sect seemed to have a big conspiracy against King Yuyi.

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He woke up at this moment because he sensed that there were guests entering the city.
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Although Shengxian Dao Kun didn't say it clearly, his doubts about Su Ran's identity were revealed between the lines.
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Su Ran didn't explain, but said indifferently: "King Yuyi, if you and I fight, no matter the outcome, the Demon Heart Sect will retreat."
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Su Ran flexed his fingers, and a trace of dark red gold power floated between his fingers.
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He lacks strange Gu, and knows that there is strange Gu in the old mountain, but he still dare not enter the mountain at will.
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Then the high-level domain power...
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Sifang Zeyuan is a natural place of opportunity, there are countless Immortal Gu, and even strange Gu and Gu essence can be found.
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Ten days later, Zhao Hou, the fifth-ranked Marquis of King Yu Yi, was not threatened by Su Ran, but was beheaded by Su Ran. Afterwards, Su Ran looted all the secrets of Zhao Hou's mansion.
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